A conference and after-party held on the first day of Pixel Heaven 2018 Festival. This event is intended for video game developers, publishers and investors, where we guarantee inspiring topics and discussions, case studies presented by practitioners, and no pseudo-business gibberish. Developers also have the opportunity to showcase their projects in the “Try My Game” zone.

350+ attendees


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    Join us at Centrum Kreatywności, located at ul. Targowa 56.

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    Do not lose this contract - key contract terms for producers of video games

    At a certain stage of the game's production, each developer will have to deal with the preparation of the contract with investor or publisher. Whether we like it or not, the incorrect or unclear wording of some provisions may be a shadow not only of the success of a given production, but also of the company's future. That is why it is worth knowing the most important problems that appear in contracts regarding the production of games, among others related to the reception of work, mechanisms for settling remuneration, contractual penalties, licensing of intellectual property and the choice of jurisdiction. Prelegent: dr Marcin Balicki, chairman of the Intellectual Property Section in Allerhand Institute.

    dr Marcin Balicki, chairman of the Intellectual Property Section in Allerhand Institute.

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    Funding for independent gamedev projects

    Preparing a game that will have a chance for commercial success on the global market requires a lot of financial investment. You have an idea for the game, but how can you get financing for production?

    Jakub Wójcik, Better. Gaming Agency

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    Photogrammetry in level design

    Get Even, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Star Wars Battlefront - these are examples of games that the creators used the photogrammetry technique. The result is extremely realistic graphics. Is photogrammetry a potentially useful tool for indie game developers?

    Speaker: Wojciech Pazdur, director of development, The Farm 51

  • 1230

    Try My Game

    Presentation of games in the developer zone. We invite publishers, investors and the media.

  • 1300

    E-sport: legal issues. Possibilities and limitations for the development of the e-sport industry in the light of the applicable regulations

    Paweł Baran, lawyer, Leśnodorski Ślusarek & Partners

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    B Wall - Creating for Mixed Reality with a cloud in the background

    Holograms are no longer a song of a distant future, which we usually admire in Star Wars movies. They are here and now! Microsoft has enabled us to mix reality with holograms thanks to HoloLens goggles, Windows Mixed Reality platform and provided programming tools. In addition, the functionalities available on the Microsoft Azure platform are able to expand the range of Mixed Reality capabilities. During the lecture, the whole ecosystem will be presented, in which such solutions are created and how to start working with it.

    Speaker: Rafał Legiędź, Solidbrain

  • 1330

    Mobile Ad Fraud

    How to advertise a mobile game and not be fooled

    SPEAKER: Łukasz Kwiecień, Senior User Acqusition Manager, Huuuge Games

  • 1400

    P&L. How to plan the production budget for your game

    Michał Gembicki, CEO, Klabater

  • 1430

    Discussion: quo vadis, VR?

    After the initial enthusiasm and subsequent intensification of skeptic moods, the VR market seems to be catching the wind again. Equipment prices have become more affordable for the consumer, major platforms such as PC, PlayStation and mobile have crystallized, good games and interesting applications have appeared.

    Moderator: Piotr Mańkowski, PIXEL

    Panelists: Łukasz Hacura, ceo, Anshar Studios i Adam Robaszyński - Janiec, founder, House of Fables

  • 1515

    Frostpunk: crunch, release and success

    Frostpunk is the greatest success of Polish creators since Witcher 3 from CD Projekt RED. Guys from 11 bit studios will talk about the last weeks before the premiere of the game, marketing and crunch action and the effect of the release, thanks to which the studio became the second biggest company in the video games market listed on the Warsaaw Stock Exchange.

    Moderator: Marek Czerniak, Indie Games Poland, Foundation

    Panelists: Paweł Miechowski (senior writer), Aleksander Kauch (lead game programmer), Karol Zajączkowski (senior marketing manager), 11 bit studios

  • 1600

    Discussion: Blood, sweat and tears

    How to survive in gamedev industry.

    Moderator: Jarosław Łojewski

    Panelists: Gracjana Zielińska, Wojciech Ozimek, Maciej Miąsik, Michał Marcinkowski, Robert Łapiński

  • 1630

    Nice game. When will be released on Switch?

    The popularity of the console from Nintendo has already created a huge crowd of players. How the game release process looks like and what games are best selling?

    Emil Leszczyński, SimFabric

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    Welcome to the DISCO:VR club at Garażowa 4 street in Warsaw. The program includes a huge VR zone, arcade machines and beer in the open bar category.


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  • For whom?

    Pixel Connect 2018 is an event addressed to the creators of video games, publishers, investors and the media. It consists of conference, discussion panels, Try My Game zone and afterparty for the exchange of knowledge and presentation of games by independent devs. Pixel Connect is also the first day of the Pixel Heaven 2018 Festival: www.pixelheavenfest.com

  • Is there an entry fee?

    No, participation in Pixel Connect 2018 is free of charge.

  • How can I showcase my game in the Try My Game zone?

    Tables and chairs for showcasing games will be available in the special dedicated area. Pixel Heaven 2018 exhibitors take priority in showcasing their games. The stands are free of charge to other developers, with availability based on the order of submissions. The number of stands is limited.

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